Track your bar path in real time

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Fine-tune your form

Identify problems you didn't even know you had before they lead to injury, or hinder your performance


Accelerate progress

Instant feedback means you can analyse your lift between sets, and make adjustments throughout your workout.


Edit-free recording

Automatically starts recording when you lift, and stops when you re-rack. This means zero editing before you share to Instagram.

How does it work?

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Barbell tracker detects olympic plates and tracks bar movement in real time. Bar path and velocity can be recorded and displayed, allowing you to save, watch & analyse your lift.

It's ideal for analysing all barbell lifts:

How to use it

Touch the screen to locate your barbell plate. Alternatively, long press to force tracking of a particular location. Pinch / zoom to adjust the size of the plate to match.

Press start to begin tracking. If "automatic start" is enabled then the app will begin as soon as there is movement.

Press stop when you're done. If "automatic stop" is enabled, the app will stop once the bar stops for a sufficient amount of time.

Press replay to view the last recorded lift.

Android App Privacy Policy

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Statement of privacy

Because your privacy is important to us, this statement of privacy is intended to inform you of our policies and practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of any Personal Information you submit to us through the application.

User Consent

By using the application, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and expressly consent to the processing of your Personal Information according to this Privacy Policy.


When you contact us by sending us an email, we will collect your email addresses and any information contained in the email you send us.

Use of information | Information Sharing and Disclosure

Barbell Tracker does does not share, sell or rent your personal information to people or companies.

Contact Us

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We welcome feedback! Should you have any ideas for how we could improve, questions or concerns, please email